About The Eternal Heart Centre

The Eternal Heart Centre based in Portugal is run by Spiritual Master Free Spirit in a modern retreat centre in nature, in a secluded location, suited for individuals aligned with his awareness and teachings. Spiritual Master Free Spirit is 48 in Earth Years and is an Emissary for the wisdom of Higher Dimensional Star Beings (Immortal ET’s from other planes of existence), having been committed to the path of spiritual development for over 25 years, assisted by a predominantly raw food diet and living a life of ethical purity.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit August 2022

Spiritual Master Free Spirit is also a talented Merkabah Artist creating unique structures for meditation and dreaming. Spiritual Master Free Spirit has interests in raw food, healthy living, intermittent fasting, the outdoors, meditation, dream work and shamanism, astral travelling and the Path of Physical Ascension.

He runs Spiritual Mastery Retreats at The Eternal Heart Centre in Portugal for those aligned with his work. These retreats for students of Spiritual Master Free Spirit are suited to long-term students of his work, to spend time with him and his spiritual community. and receive deeper teachings from him.

Retreats include outdoor activities, mountain hiking, waterfalls, excursions to places of strong energy as well as inner work, meditation and deeper instruction. There is a strong focus on deeper inner work, silent meditation, dream work and spiritual instruction tailored to the spiritual level of the retreatants.

There is a also a strong focus on concentrated and focused spiritual development, with discipline, study, practice and physical/spiritual detoxification in a spiritual vegan retreat centre in Northern Portugal, close to the sea, woods, rivers and mountains.

His retreats are most suited for those well-extracted from Earthly karma, well-healed in the financial area of life, established in plant based diets, grounded in impeccability and integrity, retired from the Matrix, healthy in body, heart, mind and spirit – and with few (or no) energy cords to the karmic worlds, who are called by their Source to study and work with the Spiritual Master.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit from 2008 onwards experienced the love of ET’s from other planes of reality and through that contact that endured many years and manifested on Earth as his Star Being Works, became healed of many things in this world. He was able to travel throughout the Universe in his astral body, and to see the reality beyond the collapse of the biosphere – an immortal reality, immune to death, degradation, sickness and suffering – populated by loving ET’s that can enable some people to physically ascend and/or leave the Karma Wheel prior to the collapse of the biosphere. In the experience of creating his Life Work he began to understand the truth of a strong but all pervading Eternal Love behind all of reality, that which is immune to karma and the collapse.

Eternal Love is the answer to all that troubles the human race and those who work with healing their ego can find forgiveness for karma and a deeper understanding of themselves, their hearts, their spiritual paths and the secrets of the Universe. Those who open themselves up to the possibility to receive forgiveness from karma through the power of Eternal Love can be healed of many things that keep them trapped in the Samsaric realms of death and rebirth, and indeed healed of everything in this world.

It is the truth that there are Higher Worlds and Higher Beings from the realms of Eternal Love, those attuned to such energies can perceive them, work with their teachings, their love and ultimately integrate it all into Earth Life. After leaving the Ayahuasca Path behind in 2016 the experience of ascended reality and freedom from karma, as well as the Love of the ET’s, became more real in the Earthly for Spiritual Master Free Spirit as a result of the transmutation work in the physical body.

It is for each person to find an understanding of what Eternal Love is reflecting on concepts such as immunity from karma, resistance to karma, divine grace, emotional integration and transcendence, balancing of divine feminine and masculine as well as also understanding Eternal Love as the ruling force in the Universe, the Supreme Power.

One might also reflect on the nature of the metaphysical element of fire (sacred fire / inner fire), those that can integrate the energy of fire element can pass through many astral walls of extreme fire and then enter into another different reality of existence (on the other side of the astral fire walls) knowable to perhaps only a handful of mortal human beings.

That reality beyond the astral fire walls is the astral abode of Eternal Love (where fire empowers, nurtures, loves and sustains one) and is the immunity from karma and the energy for the transmuting of the human form prior to an Ascension. Many will have had feelings or mystical experiences of Eternal Love, such experiences are glimpses of the real deal and have value as they start the spiritual purification process to become grounded in white karma stones.

Seeing, feeling or understanding Eternal Love is one thing, entering straight into the raw undiluted power of Eternal Love is another matter. One has to go through the astral fire walls to enter into the abode on the other side and that is advanced, difficult and extreme to do. Eternal Love is the strongest mirror available to mortal humans – purification by astral fire in order to be able to work with the the energy. The opposite of the often impenetrable burning, steely fire energies of the fire suns (that burns off ego dross and karma) is the interior of such suns, within the well guarded fire suns are worlds of sublime peace, deeper knowing, deeper wisdom and spiritual communion with one’s Star Beings or Ascended Spirit Guides.

When one is walking the path of Astral Integration and Energy Mastery correctly backed up with doing all the other requisites of the spiritual work, the burning sun spheres that are encountered out of body can then be integrated into ones energy body and then one has in essence assembled, downloaded and integrated an astral portal or stargate into ones own Eternal Heart Centre. What eternal love is, is the energy (love from loving ETs) that flows through that portal from higher dimensional worlds to assist in one’s journey out of the human karma condition.

When one has little karma, the access to the other worlds is very strong and comes with ease, then one can also have a deeper understanding of what Eternal Love is, its origins and the inherent benevolence existing in the higher dimensional planes amongst Ascended Beings and Loving ETs. Then one can channel that benevolence into ones Earthly form and its energy can be utilized for one’s spiritual path and mission.

The key is to be able to integrate the peace and harmony of the energy of the other worlds whilst being immune to lower astral interferences, and to be in brahmachariya to forge the energy in the Heart Centre, then the energy of Eternal Love is the energy for the inner journeys. One can then have the experience of the inner astral suns showing as inner astral journeys into serene seascapes, other planetary worlds or simply being harmonized with an astral energy from Source.

For more information on the life experiences of Spiritual Master Free Spirit and his spiritual journey, as well as philosophical perspectives on what Eternal Love is (and is not), visit his Articles Page and there are also some videos on his You Tube Channel

Retreats are most suited to those aligned with Free Spirit’s path and who have a strong understanding of the experiences of his life and his teachings. Potential visitors will have made strong investments in his mentoring, will have integrated his teachings for a period of 1-3 years beforehand and have a strong understanding of his work and spiritual path.

It is also necessary to be early risers (5am) and physically fit, retreats with Free Spirit are predominantly hiking-retreats in the mountains of North Portugal – with 4-7 hours of hiking most days with steep ascents/descents – with a backpack.

Next Available Retreat Dates

May 1st – 30th 2024 (30 days)

June 1st – 30th 2024 (30 days)

September 1st – 30th 2024 (30 days)

Investment GBP 50,000

For enquiries contact Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Or email admin@eternalheartcentre.org

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