Legal Comments

The Eternal Heart Centre formed in June 2020 run by Spiritual Master Free Spirit has absolutely nothing to do with Ayahuasca (aka Santo Daime) and all guests and visitors to his retreat centre are forbidden from using hallucinogenic substances of any kind.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit August 2022

In 2018 the previous directors of the business also known as The Eternal Heart Centre dissolved their organization after the widespread criminalization of Ayahuasca (Santo Daime), numerous unfavourable Court rulings in relation to the legal status of the Santo Daime and as a result they (voluntarily) forfeited their rights to use that business name in law and lost numerous legal disputes with Spiritual Master Free Spirit.

The directors had to apologize for various legal transgressions including defamation, they were also ordered to pay damages and they also had to remove the entirety of the offending defamatory content about Spiritual Master Free Spirit from the internet (at their expense).

They were legally obligated to cease the serving of Ayahuasca under the name The Eternal Heart Centre.

The attempt to criminalize and persecute the work of Spiritual Master Free Spirit (with malice) was unsuccessful with the intentions appearing in the Santo Daime Church as a widespread ban on the Santo Daime and defeat in at least 10 countries throughout Europe for the legal status of Ayahuasca. The Santo Daime Church then had to revisit, own and take back responsibility for their own stories of false persecution and their defiance issues with the authorities.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit does not use or supply the substance known as Ayahuasca (aka Santo Daime) in his retreat centre, nor are users of the substance (or indeed any other mind altering substance) permitted to do retreats with him. Those that have used Ayahuasca in the past as part of their spiritual practice wishing to do retreats with the Spiritual Master are required to have a strong and intelligent comprehension and understanding of this story including the legal aspects of it.

It is also necessary to have integrated their own experiences with Ayahuasca and left the Path behind for a period of at least 3 years before being considered for a retreat.

Contrary to Santo Daime beliefs, Spiritual Master Free Spirit does has the right to refuse a retreat to those not suited, or who use the substance, as well as the right to refuse to finish brahmachariya.

The European Court of Human Rights has found that a person cannot be forced to demonstrate views or behaviour associated with a particular religion (Article 9). In 2016 Spiritual Master Free Spirit exercised his own Article 9 religious freedom rights and left the organization known as the Santo Daime Church, the organization objected, interfered in his work and legal affairs with malice and then cursed themselves with the (foretold) ban on ayahuasca.

In 2021 and 2022 Santo Daime Church claimed they had the right to attempt to force Spiritual Master Free Spirit into a sexual relationship against his free will (and in defiance of the absence of consent), using intimidation and malicious legal procedures, the attempts all failed and the UK High Court ruled they had no such rights and the organization lost (and extremely badly).

Several members of the Santo Daime Church organization were handed down injunctions by the Courts banning them from interfering with the Article 8 and 9 rights of Spiritual Master Free Spirit, and between 2017-2022 the organization lost their Article 9 rights in at least 12 countries with the most recent defeat in Italy and in 2022 are in the European Court of Human Rights.

The problem with the legal status of Santo Daime (the loss of Article 9 religious freedoms) is only in part the classification of the substance itself (in the UK ayahuasca is classified by the authorities as a prohibited Class A drug), but also the karma of the people carrying and supplying the Santo Daime,, manifesting as interference by the authorities in their Article 9 rights.

Those who investigate the issue more closely will understand the root cause of the problem.

This explains why indigenous shamans doing ayahuasca in the respected, traditional and sacred ways are immune to the curse of legal persecution (and interference from the authorities) that afflicts Santo Daime Church.

Often spiritual seekers think laws (both Earthly and Divine) are something to be rebelled against, but it would be fair to say the conditions and laws in place on Earth, and in the Astral Worlds, are surprisingly conducive to spiritual evolution.

It should also be noted that Spiritual Master Free Spirit does not make the laws on earth or in the divine realms and it would be fair to say the criminal ban on ayahuasca has little bearing on the users of the substance (those who attend ayahuasca retreats) and instead impacts the suppliers of ayahuasca who have a long and well documented track record of blatent defiance against the authorities and the legal system.

There is actually no legal ‘grey area’ on ayahuasca, if you supply ayahuasca without an exemption, its illegal, and if you have a religious exemption or it is legal in your country, its legal.

Note that Spiritual Master Free Spirit does not give advice on how to procure ayahuasca or where to obtain it, nor is he responsible for the criminal ban on ayahuasca (as ruled by the UK High Court) and as stated in the disclaimers, Spiritual Master Free Spirit does not advocate illegal activities and encourages all people to respect the laws of their nations, including laws related to Ayahuasca.

For the most accurate information about the legality of ayahuasca, visit this page.

For the personal and spiritual perspective of Spiritual Master Free Spirit on the issues, read the articles (Article 10 Freedom of Expression), which the organization failed to have removed.

The UK High Court also ruled in favour of the Article 8 legal rights (monastic silence and privacy rights) of Spiritual Master Free Spirit – meaning he is under no obligation to give anyone a retreat against his better judgment.

Retreats are most suited to those aligned with Free Spirit’s path and who have a strong understanding of the experiences of his life and his teachings, and who have finished with ayahuasca.

Potential visitors will have made strong investments in his mentoring, will have integrated his teachings for a period of 1-3 years beforehand, and have done online mentorship for some time before being invited to visit him and his community.

Statement of Legal Ownership

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