The healing and understanding I have been able to facilitate in my life through Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s work over the last several years is incredible. I do not have extensive knowledge about the many spiritual teachers of today and their respective teachings, however in my opinion Free Spirit has been the most grounded and ethically responsible teacher that I have worked with. His teachings come from a very sacred perspective and certainly represent a high quality of character as well as a high respect for all life and the underlying principles that govern that life.

In 2015 I enrolled in his Spiritual Mastery Training. Topics in the course included self-responsibility, one’s relationship with humanity and ethics among others. This was the most advanced training I had received from Free Spirit at the time and the material in the course was transformative for my life. I participated in a number of one-to-one live video sessions through Skype and in these sessions I was able to address my spiritual path in an open space and I felt only respect and kindness demonstrated by Free Spirit in those spaces.

The following year in 2016 I had an amazing experience during a retreat in Portugal with Free Spirit. There was plenty of opportunity for uplifting excursions into nature as well as meditation and spiritual practice at the retreat center. The living spaces around the retreat center were comfortable and Free Spirit was very kind. We worked together on my life processes and overall the retreat was a deeply valuable experience. I observed how Free Spirit lives a pure life as well as understood how I could continue to develop good characteristics in my own life. During my stay, Free Spirit provided me with quality raw vegan foods, drove me around to places and drove me to and from the airport.

I would like to end by expressing my gratitude for Spiritual Master Free Spirit and for being able to learn from his experiences in this lifetime.

Nicholas, USA

I would like to share my experience that I had with my guide “Free Spirit”. I was invited to a retreat in Europe by Free Spirit in 2015 who felt that I would benefit from this experience. I meditated on this with the information Free Spirit sent and I felt drawn to this experience. From this moment on, Free became available to me for any questions that arose regarding the retreat and he also made things streamlined for me.

Apart from my flights everything else was catered for. I was picked up at the airport and escorted to the retreat by Free, this was a good time to go over everything and get to know each other better. The experience was of course unique to myself but I have to say that this has to date been the most amazing, eye opening and incredibly loving experience I have ever had.

Free was there for me throughout, he sorted out my room and also introduced certain practices that accelerated my experience. I felt and saw spiritual beings around me performing healing and also since I have been home. I believe his expertise had a huge effect on my healing. He made himself available for me to talk through stuff and I felt supported even though I respected his own journey, he never made me feel unwelcome.

Free helped me with my anxiety that I experienced and because of his wealth of experience I felt easily reassured. We spent sometime in a meditative space together and this was really helpful for me. Free has an expansive knowledge and a gentle energy that puts me at ease and I found this so nurturing. I can honestly say that I can thoroughly recommend being guided by this special advanced soul who metaphorically holds your hand throughout yet offers a respectful space of independence for you to go deep into your own process.

I cannot thank him enough for opening this door to me. I wanted to heal myself from chronic pain and fatigue, the retreat improved my energy and my pain has decreased as well. I have much gratitude.

Isabelle, UK